Partnership K.M.S.H., Zoolyx and VHLGenetics


Recently, K.M.S.H, Zoolyx and VHLGenetics have signed an agreement. For K.M.S.H., from this year, the storage of DNA profiles of offspring and parental controls will be carried out by Zoolyx and VHLGenetics. This is applicable for nests recorded via the new KMSH system (start beginning April 2017).

K.M.S.H. is the only Belgian institution recognized by the FCI and constantly improving the dog breeding in Belgium. Annually she delivers to 20,000 pedigrees and checks the "work" of about 2,500 breeders, enthusiasts and professionals. This significantly contributes to the objective of K.M.S.H .: ‘Maintaining and improving the dog breeds in Belgium’.

Zoolyx presents itself as a laboratory with 100% service to veterinary medicine. Unique in Belgium! Zoolyx offers advice on sampling and analysis, selection, sample collection, analysis and interpretation of the analysis: all staff takes extreme care of our service. They follow technological developments closely and are constantly looking for innovations to improve our services and adapt to veterinary requirements.

For more information, please refer to the leaflet (French language).