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H479 CombiBreed FCI Group 06


The Combination Pack CombiBreed Group 06 is assembled for dogs within the FCI Breedgroup 6, Scenthounds and Related Breeds. This package covers several important traits and can be based on samples from animals at any age. Information on individual tests is available at our website. This Combination Package contains the following markers:
H364 Hypocatalasia
H366 IGS (Selective Cobalamin Malabsorption) 1
H411 Cerebellar Ataxia, progressive early-onset
H421 Hiplaxity 2
H424 Musladin-Lueke syndrome (MLS)
H435 Factor VII deficiency
H442 Thrombopathia
H455 Pyruvatekinase Deficiency (PKDef) 3
H496 Glaucoma (POAG)
H607 Factor IX Deficiency
H811 Hyperuricemia (HUU)
H919 Hiplaxity 1

Het kan voorkomen dat één of twee testen uit het combinatiepakket geen resultaat geven. Doordat we het combinatiepakket tegen een zeer laag tarief aanbieden is het kostentechnisch niet mogelijk een marker te hertesten om alsnog een resultaat te krijgen.

Als een DNA test heel belangrijk voor u is, raden wij aan om de test los te bestellen via de webshop. Bij losse testen worden, indien nodig, altijd hertesten uitgevoerd zonder dat daar extra kosten aan verbonden zijn.

Voor meer informatie, zie deFAQ Uitslag 'geen resultaat' bij Combinatiepakketten.

Test specific information

Dr. van Haeringen Laboratorium B.V. (VHL), introduces a different strategy for DNA tests for several genetic markers. Recently, technical improvements have allowed for the combination of several genetic markers in one test.

In addition to the strategy to introduce CombiBreed Combination Packages, we have compiled the packages by breed group and not for a specific breed.

Why CombiBreed packages per breed group?
• Our novel technology allows for logistical efficiency within our laboratory. This permits us to introduce the CombiBreed combination packages for a very competitive price.
• The CombiBreed packages contain DNA tests available in at least one breed within a breed group. Usually, scientific publications indicate if this genetic variation is validated for a breed.
• In our experience, the same genetic variation frequently occurs in closely related breeds, although the variation is only scientifically published in one breed. Mutations described and validated for a particular breed can thus also be present in other closely related breeds within a breed group. Laboratories performing these tests confirm the presence of mutations in other breeds.
• Our range of DNA tests will be reviewed several times per year. Newly available tests will be published on the website.
• We kindly request you to contact us (contactform) if your dog breed is not listed within a CombiBreed Group.

An actual overview of the genetic variation present in a breed can be assessed by performing the CombiBreed combination packages. Valuable information about previously unknown genetic variation may be found using our CombiBreed tests. However, ultimately our clients decide about the DNA tests ordered.


Information on individual tests is elsewhere available at www.vhlgenetics.com.


Normally the result can be expected within 10 working days. This turn-around-time starts when both the sample and the fully filled-out and signed submission form have been received.

Location of disease or trait

Information on individual tests is elsewhere available at www.vhlgenetics.com.

Breed dependence

This DNA test is available for the following breeds: Beagle, Basset, Dalmatier, Rhodesian Ridgeback . Additional information is available in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Sample type

For this DNA test we accept the following materials: Blood EDTA, Blood Heparin, Semen, Swab, Tissue. Please contact Dr. Van Haeringen Laboratorium if you wish to submit other material as listed.


Information on individual tests is elsewhere available at www.vhlgenetics.com.


Information on individual tests is elsewhere available at www.vhlgenetics.com.

Severity of Disease

Information on individual tests is elsewhere available at www.vhlgenetics.com.


CombiBreed FCI Group 06

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