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P404 CombiBreed Coat Colour


This Combination Package Coat Colors covers several important genetic traits and can be based on samples from animals at any age. Information on individual tests is available at our website. This Combination Package contains the following markers:

P592 Coat Colour Dominant White 3
P594 Coat Colour White Spotting 1
P713 Coat Colour Cream dilution
P783 Coat Colour Pearl dilution
P784 Coat Colour Silver dilution
P785 Coat Colour Sabino 1
P807 Coat colour Grey
P853 Coat Colour Champagne dilution
P902 Coat Colour Overo-factor (OLWS)
P903 Coat Colour Tobiano
P904 Coat Colour Chestnut
P907 Coat Colour Agouti

Dr. van Haeringen Laboratorium B.V. (VHL), introduces a different strategy for DNA tests for several genetic markers. Recently, technical improvements have allowed for the combination of several genetic markers in one test.

Test specific information

Since 2015, two brands have been developed. CombiGen® is mainly directed at veterinarian applications, whereas CombiBreed® is mainly directed at breeders and/or owners.
Detailed information about Coat Colours and Coat Variation is presented at www.combibreed.com.


Most coat colours and coat types are usually visible directly after birth.


Normally the result can be expected within 20 working days. This turn-around-time starts when both the sample and the fully filled-out and signed submission form have been received.

Location of disease or trait

Genetic factors influencing coat colours and coat types are usually visible on the outside of an individual. Several factors may be hidden by the external variation.

Breed dependence

For this test samples from all breeds are accepted.

Sample type

For this DNA test we accept the following materials: Hair, Semen, Blood EDTA, Blood Heparin, Tissue. Please contact Dr. Van Haeringen Laboratorium if you wish to submit other material as listed.


Coat colours are based on many genetic factors. For each factor, a separate test result will be returned.


Various genetic factors influencing coat colour are inherited in a dominant or recessive mode. Coat colours are influenced by a large number of genetic factors.

Severity of Disease



CombiBreed Coat Colour

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