Farm Animals

Farm Animals

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Dog, cat and horse

Dog, cat and horse

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VHLGenetics offers routine and project-based genetic tests and DNA extractions for plants and animals. The VHLGenetics DNA tests are carried out with the most advanced DNA techniques by the certified and/or accredited laboratories.  

SNPExpert offers a large diversity of plant DNA services. We offer custom and routine DNA extraction and genotyping services. Routine genotyping services include marker development, marker validation, resistance genes, variety control and purity verification. Custom projects are also supported by SNPExpert. The broad range of available genotyping technologies, such as Genotyping Arrays (Illumina, Affymatrix), KASP and Targeted GBS, enables SNPExpert to provide solutions for your custom genotyping project. 

VHLGenetics® offers a large diversity of DNA services for production animals, such as cattle and pigs. The services comprise genotyping services, biobanking and DNA extraction. Various high-grade technologies are used efficiently, such as: KASP, real-time PCR, capillary electrophoresis, Illumina BeadChips, Affymetrix Arrays and Thermo Fisher Scientific Targeted Genotyping by Sequencing. 

The unique CombiBreed® dog, cat and horse combination packages have been developed specially for breeders and owners. CombiBreed® offers an optimal combination of several DNA tests for an attractive price and gives more information about the genetic background, genetic disorders and phenotypic characteristics, such as coat colour. This genetic information helps breeders to carry out a sustainable breeding policy. With the results of CombiBreed®, a breeder can prevent a genetic disorder from being passed in the breeding line.

The practical CombiGen® dog, cat and horse combination packages have been developed specially for veterinarians.It helps veterinarians to confirm a diagnosis and to provide an insight into the genetic disorders from which the animal may suffer. Using the CombiGen results, a veterinarian can prescribe a suitable treatment for the animal and, if necessary, guarantee regular checks.


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