New CombiBreed® website for ordering DNA tests

From now on the DNA tests for dogs, cats or horses can be ordered on our new CombiBreed website. We have set up this website to provide optimum service to breeders and owners of dogs, cats or horses.

In the CombiBreed webshop you can order online all of our DNA tests at a location of your choice.  After submitting your order, you can track the status of your webshop order in your personal account and view and download the results once the DNA test is finished. A notification will be sent by e-mail whenever the status of your order changes.

For performing DNA-tests based on cheek (buccal) swabs please use the swabs provided by our laboratory. These swabs can be ordered free of charge as part of your webshop-order or using the dedicated order form. Other swabs will not be accepted by our laboratory.

Click on one of the animal buttons, or click on one of the links below:

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