V575 IGF-2


A genetic marker, Gentec - IGF2 with a major effect on muscle mass and fat deposition, has recently been identified. The effects of the Gentec - IGF2 marker on muscle mass and leanness are at least of the same magnitude of those reported for the halothane gene but without any of the well-known deleterious effects on meat quality and animal health observed for the halothane gene.

The new marker is linked to a higher percentage of saleable meat in ham, loin and other lean cuts and all with reduced back fat thickness. A uniquely important additional asset of the Gentec - IGF2 marker is the way in which it is inherited. The marker shows paternal imprinting. This means that only the gene coming from the father will be expressed in the offspring.

The gene coming from the mother has no effect on the phenotype of the offspring. In practice, all progeny of a boar that is homozygous for the Gentec - IGF2 marker will have high expected scores for lean growth and muscle mass. The breeding value and therefore the predictability of the results from these boars will be markedly increased. The marker has a proven and significantly positive impact on carcass uniformity and will considerably enhance the mean muscle mass of slaughter pigs.

Recently, research has confirmed that a selection towards IGF2+ boars and IGF2- soars results in an increase in the number of lean piglets.

Test specific information



The genetic factor is continuously present, and will always be visible.

Turn Around Time

The turn-around-time of a test depends to a large extent on the logistics of sample transportation to the laboratory. After receiving the sample at the test location, you can normally expect the result within 10 working days. A longer delivery time applies to tests carried out by a Partner Lab.

Location of disease or trait

The genetic factor has an effect on muscle. Depending on the effect, increase of muscle volume and quality may take place.

Breed dependence

For this test samples from all breeds are accepted.

Sample type

For this DNA test we accept the following materials: Hair, Semen, Blood EDTA, Blood Heparin, Tissue. Please contact Dr. Van Haeringen Laboratorium if you wish to submit other material as listed.




This genetic factor only has an effect when inherited from the father.

Severity of Disease

Genetic characteristics are not a disease.

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