VHL is accredited under the NEN-EN-ISO/IEC 17025:2005 standard. The accreditation certificate is registered under number L472. The accreditation is valid for a variety of DNA tests, an overview of which is here available at the website of the Dutch Accreditation Council (www.rva.nl). VHL is routinely audited by the Accreditation Council in order to maintain its ISO 17025 accreditation.



VHL and VHP are certified based on NEN-EN-ISO 9001. The certificate is valid for DNA analysis of animal and vegetable material, parentage verification and hereditary characteristics. For VHL also testing of pathogens applies. The identification code of the registration is number NL10/81826438. VHL and VHP are routinely audited via SGS Systems & Services EESV in order to maintain their ISO 9001 certification.



VHL, VHP and Certagen are accredited for DNA parentage testing with STRs by the International Committee for Animal Recording (ICAR). VHL is additionally accredited by ICAR for parentage verifications based on SNPs. This accreditation recognizes our long history of having provided high-level services in accordance with extremely stringent quality standards. This accreditation is essential for producing accurate and reproducible results.



VHL and VHP are members of the International Society for Animal Genetics (ISAG). ISAG’s biannual international conferences offer scientists the opportunity to exchange ideas on a variety of topics. The result has been the creation of an international nomenclature that permits affiliated laboratories to exchange results. International ring tests are performed biannually for a variety of animal species.

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